Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh boy!! (times 3)

We found out on Thursday that we're having another boy!!! Don't worry, we're very excited. Of course a girl would have been nice at some point, but I wouldn't trade my 2 boys for anything and I'm sure the third will be just as fun. (I might put him in a dress once in a while though.) I was so nervous for the ultrasound for a couple reasons. I was really worried for some reason that something would be wrong with this baby. I don't know why, I've never been worried about it before. But I think because it took me much longer to get pregnant this time, I just thought it was too good to be true. So I'm happy to announce that he is perfectly healthy. He's already the 48th percentile (I don't know how they know that) and everything looks right on track.
He'res his little profile:
I was also worried that I would be disappointed if I found out it was another boy. I was guessing it was a boy, and I was totally prepared for it, but I was still nervous that when they saw a little pee-pee I would feel sad. I'm happy to say I didn't feel the least bit disappointed. When they said it was a boy, I smiled and just thought "Of course it is! And he'll fit in perfectly" It just feels right. The kids are excited and we couldn't be more happy. He's set to come on May 10th so he has a birthday already, we're pretty sure we have his name picked out, he's got a huge wardrobe already, plenty of toys, and brothers who can't wait to teach him how to wrestle. We just need him to hurry and grow so he can come out. We're ready :)

Here's a picture of his manhood. The picture is really blurry, but just know that Daddy was proud:

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree....

Here is our beautiful tree that we got after hiking around in the woods for an hour. No, we didn't cut it down.....I mean we hiked in the woods for an hour and our tree was so pathetic that we stopped by a tree stand after and bought this:
Its lovely, isn't it?? And below is the first attempt that was way too Charlie Brownish to do anything with. Sad. But lesson learned. :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My little artist

Jory has been REALLY into drawing lately, so I thought I'd showcase some of his stuff. I started putting them in a notebook because with about 5 pictures a day they were starting to take over my fridge and cupboards. Most of them are me and Jory (which I love) but he has drawn about every person we've ever known and lots of dinosaurs. :) This is Me, Jory and Ryder and there's a baby in my tummy.
Me and Jor:

This is Keith:

A Triceratops:

Keith and I:

This is me and the baby (which he named smoms...haha)

Me, Jory and Ryder. Ryder is the one with the spikey hair.

I think it's so cute how he's started drawing. I've been trying for years to get him into it and he just has never cared. Now he can't stop. All his little pictures make me smile :)

Ya, I know....Thanksgiving was forever ago.

I know it's been like a thousand years since I blogged. I'm a slacker....Keith was finishing up his last class and took the computer to work with him everyday. So I have an excuse! :)
We went to Keith's brother's house (Chuck and Kelly) in Boise for Thanksgiving. It was a very fun week. Keith's parents and brother were supposed to come up but ran into a family emergency that prevented it, so it was just our two families. We wish they could have come, but we still had a great time together. They kids had a ton of fun with their cousins- here is Sarah, Ryder, Isaac, Ben, and Jory looking cute and cuddly:
Here's Isaac scoring big with the whipped cream:

Our beautiful table:

Right before dinner, Ryder fell asleep with Sarah. She was so sweet with him all week, he got tons of attention
And here we all are at dinner. It was yummmmmy.

We played lots of games and ate tons of good food. We also got to see Emily and Cameron when they passed through and we visited Alex and Alia since they were in Boise with her family. Keith and I got sucked into black friday shopping (which Chuck and Kelly are really into) and had a horrible experience. We didn't get the things we wanted and left REALLY frustrated and tired. Never again!!! Other than that the trip was perfect :)