Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh boy!! (times 3)

We found out on Thursday that we're having another boy!!! Don't worry, we're very excited. Of course a girl would have been nice at some point, but I wouldn't trade my 2 boys for anything and I'm sure the third will be just as fun. (I might put him in a dress once in a while though.) I was so nervous for the ultrasound for a couple reasons. I was really worried for some reason that something would be wrong with this baby. I don't know why, I've never been worried about it before. But I think because it took me much longer to get pregnant this time, I just thought it was too good to be true. So I'm happy to announce that he is perfectly healthy. He's already the 48th percentile (I don't know how they know that) and everything looks right on track.
He'res his little profile:
I was also worried that I would be disappointed if I found out it was another boy. I was guessing it was a boy, and I was totally prepared for it, but I was still nervous that when they saw a little pee-pee I would feel sad. I'm happy to say I didn't feel the least bit disappointed. When they said it was a boy, I smiled and just thought "Of course it is! And he'll fit in perfectly" It just feels right. The kids are excited and we couldn't be more happy. He's set to come on May 10th so he has a birthday already, we're pretty sure we have his name picked out, he's got a huge wardrobe already, plenty of toys, and brothers who can't wait to teach him how to wrestle. We just need him to hurry and grow so he can come out. We're ready :)

Here's a picture of his manhood. The picture is really blurry, but just know that Daddy was proud:

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree....

Here is our beautiful tree that we got after hiking around in the woods for an hour. No, we didn't cut it down.....I mean we hiked in the woods for an hour and our tree was so pathetic that we stopped by a tree stand after and bought this:
Its lovely, isn't it?? And below is the first attempt that was way too Charlie Brownish to do anything with. Sad. But lesson learned. :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My little artist

Jory has been REALLY into drawing lately, so I thought I'd showcase some of his stuff. I started putting them in a notebook because with about 5 pictures a day they were starting to take over my fridge and cupboards. Most of them are me and Jory (which I love) but he has drawn about every person we've ever known and lots of dinosaurs. :) This is Me, Jory and Ryder and there's a baby in my tummy.
Me and Jor:

This is Keith:

A Triceratops:

Keith and I:

This is me and the baby (which he named smoms...haha)

Me, Jory and Ryder. Ryder is the one with the spikey hair.

I think it's so cute how he's started drawing. I've been trying for years to get him into it and he just has never cared. Now he can't stop. All his little pictures make me smile :)

Ya, I know....Thanksgiving was forever ago.

I know it's been like a thousand years since I blogged. I'm a slacker....Keith was finishing up his last class and took the computer to work with him everyday. So I have an excuse! :)
We went to Keith's brother's house (Chuck and Kelly) in Boise for Thanksgiving. It was a very fun week. Keith's parents and brother were supposed to come up but ran into a family emergency that prevented it, so it was just our two families. We wish they could have come, but we still had a great time together. They kids had a ton of fun with their cousins- here is Sarah, Ryder, Isaac, Ben, and Jory looking cute and cuddly:
Here's Isaac scoring big with the whipped cream:

Our beautiful table:

Right before dinner, Ryder fell asleep with Sarah. She was so sweet with him all week, he got tons of attention
And here we all are at dinner. It was yummmmmy.

We played lots of games and ate tons of good food. We also got to see Emily and Cameron when they passed through and we visited Alex and Alia since they were in Boise with her family. Keith and I got sucked into black friday shopping (which Chuck and Kelly are really into) and had a horrible experience. We didn't get the things we wanted and left REALLY frustrated and tired. Never again!!! Other than that the trip was perfect :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Fertility is fickle

Well, Keith and I found out a few months ago that we're expecting another baby in May. We are thrilled beyond belief. We've always wanted a semi-big family (not Duggar big, but enough to keep things busy and interesting) and we can't wait to meet our newest member. What I haven't told most people though, is that this baby took us 10 months to conceive. True, that isn't very long, but it felt like forever to us.

At the risk of over-sharing, Jory was conceived just a mere 2 weeks after we got married and we were actively NOT trying to have a baby. After getting over the initial shock, we were super thrilled though. With Ryder, we decided to have a baby in August and by September we had a positive pregnancy test. So I just assumed that we were very fertile and the minute we thought about getting pregnant, we could do it.

This last year has been a really hard one for me. At first, we stayed positive and kept telling ourselves that this is normal, that we're getting a little older and that it's going to happen eventually. But after months and months of waiting, I have to admit that I lost my optimism. I just felt that something was really wrong and this wasn't just going to resolve. I felt like my body was failing me and I was angry at it. After the angry feelings left, I just felt depressed. I absolutely gave up hope.

However, there were some good things that came with this trial. For one, I looked at my children totally differently. They weren't just something that my husband and I gave each other, they weren't a deserved right that came along with marriage. They were a gift from God, and I was so so so lucky to have them. Now, really, I always knew this, but I didn't think about it as often as I do now. When I would feel sad or frustrated, I would look at them and think about how grateful I should be.

Secondly, I learned patience. I learned that life doesn't always happen the way you plan it to. Again, I knew this all along, but it was certainly reinforced. I realized that looking to the future can be great, but we can spend so much time looking to the future that sometimes we forget to love the present. It reminds me of Dr. Suess' "Oh, the places you'll go!" book and the waiting room. "Waiting for a train to go or a bus to come, or a plane to go or the mail to come, or the rain to go or the phone to ring, or the snow to snow or waiting around for a Yes or No or waiting for their hair to grow. Everyone is just waiting." (I LOVE that book by the way) but I learned not to focus too much on what I want in life and just appreciate what I have.

I looked around at people in my life who have had trouble with conceiving and I feel like I can understand just a teensy fraction of what they are going through,. (although not even close because I already have 2 healthy children, I know) My heart breaks for them. I also learned to shake off the "It's about time for you guys to have another one!!" comments that at first made me want to cry. I vow to never say that to anyone. EVER.

Lastly, I learned to just trust in my Heavenly Father and know that what happens is for the best. I am independent by nature and have a hard time not just trying to solve everything by myself. Keith and I started researching fertility doctors in August and finally made some calls and stopped by the office. They wanted me to fill out some extensive and very personal health history forms before they even made an appointment. They sent me home with a packet and stapled to the very top was the list of prices. Our stomachs sunk when we saw the prices and realized our insurance covered NONE of it. We absolutely couldn't afford it.

It was about this time when we talked in Young Women's about relying on our Savior. We had to journal about a trial we had been through and how we had done all we could do and left the rest to our Savior, who was there to help carry our burdens. This really hit me hard because I realized that I was in the middle of such a burden but I was trying to take it on all by myself. I then started praying that I felt I had done absolutely everything I could do and that I couldn't do it anymore and I began to share that burden. It was a strange feeling, letting go of the control and trusting in my Heavenly Father to help me overcome the rest. But I did, and just a few weeks later found out I was pregnant.

The relief was not immediate, I expected at this point that something would go wrong, or I had a horrible fear of miscarriage, or a hysterical pregnancy like I saw on Glee....and I still haven't shaken that completely. But I've heard the heartbeat, so I know there's really something in there. And I'm trying to have faith that everything is going to work out. I'm so grateful for this chance I have to bring another child into our home. I will not take it for granted ever again. I won't look at motherhood the same again. I don't care if it's a boy or a girl, I just want the child to be healthy and come here safely. I've learned to never assume that things won't happen to me. And I will love this child like it's my last because who knows what the future holds.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pac Man cake

My baby brother Adam turned 16 last month and they threw him a totally radical 80's party. I volunteered to make him a cake and settled on a true 80's icon: Pac-Man. (and yes, I googled it just to be sure, it was released in 1980)

It was a lot more work than I thought. In fact, most of my cakes end up being a lot more work than I think. But I was pleased with the result, and that isn't too common. I made marshmallow fondant because I love the taste and its dirt cheap. It was fine at first, but to turn it black I had to knead it to death and it messed up the texture a little. But it was a lot of fun to make, and tasted pretty good too (the top tier was funfetti and the bottom was chocolate with a strawberry filling.)

Happy birthday Adam, this is how much I love you. (I don't know why I say that, I'm sure he won't even read this.) Keith is not too happy that he didn't get a stellar cake for his birthday, but can I help it that his birthday fell right smack in the middle of the two huge wedding cakes I made for Alex and Alia?!! I can't do everything. So he got "better than tractor cake" as we called it for the kids sake. Sorry hun, maybe next year??


Yes, I know, my halloween post is about a week and half later than all the other moms out there, but here you go....our halloween weekend started out at the Dalton Ward party (no pictures)...and continued the next day with the pumpkin fun run. It was put on by our ward as a missionary effort/food drive. It turned out really great. I thought there was a costume contest, but they forgot the contest part...anyways... a lot of people dressed up and it was really fun. I wanted to be a zombie. Apparently I looked so bad most people didn't recognize me (probably a good thing) but what can I say, I like to dress up!
Ryder was a little scared at first, but as long as I smiled and talked like mommy, he thought I was funny. If I did my zombie walk, he started to cry.
Later that night, we did some trick or treating at some ward members houses. It was really fun and they got tons of candy, but it was kind of a pain having to buckle them in between every house and we don't know our ward very well yet so we got lost a few times. But overall it was a success and the boys had a blast.

This year, I had planned for the boys to be teenage mutant ninja turtles, but it didn't work out (maybe next year) so instead, we took them to walmart and let them get whatever they wanted. Jory was a dragon from how to train your dragon, and Ryder is a dinosaur. Jory's costume came with a mask, but it was kinda weird and it annoyed him, so instead we spiked his hair and dyed it blue. He loved that. They look pretty cute huh?
In the car, driving around.....
Knocking on doors...
And all pooped out after driving to over 30 houses. It was a fun night! Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jump on the Potty Train...Choo Choo

Ryder has been potty training! It is definitely not my favorite thing, but he's getting the hang of it. Most days are *mostly* successful with just one of two minor accidents.

He is the funniest kid. For those of you who don't know him, he is the most stubbornly independent child I've ever met. ( My mother claims I was the same way but I don't believe it...) He HAS to do everything all by himself. Sometimes it is so hard to watch. He will sit there for 10 minutes crying and screaming trying to get a sock on. I know it would take one little movement for me to help him but I'm not allowed to get even close. "NOOO!!! I DO IT!!!"

So I let him and he's getting really good at dressing himself. I can't deny the kids got style. These couple pictures are the tip of the iceberg, he goes through several interesting outfits a day. He's especially into socks right now and will go through my sock drawer for hours. That and my jewelry, but I'm trying to discourage that one. Well, here he is in all his glory AND in his big boy UNDIES!!

Seattle Sounders

A couple weeks ago my family lost their minds and decided to drive to Seattle and back in one day for a Sounders game. The Crandalls are really into soccer and it's rubbed off on us. My mom said she didn't think it was worth it (granted she had to get up at 5 the next morning after coming home at 3) but for the rest of us, I think it was well worth it. Thanks to my Uncle Doug we had box seats, which was perfect! The boys could wander a little, there was food and drinks and an excellent unobstructed view of the field. It was perfect. They played REAL Salt Lake, who we like too, so the 0-0 score was unexciting, but fine. We had a blast and I'd do it again in a second.

Ok I HAVE to mention how funny Ryder was during the game. Both of the boys really got into it, and were chanting and yelling with the crowd, but Ryder was particularly funny. He was yelling at the Ref and sometimes the players. He was screaming so much that everyone around us at some point or another was laughing at him. It was super cute.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jory's first day of School!!!!

Well, its official, my boy has grown up! He is officially in Pre-Kindergarten. He is so excited to go to school, and not at all nervous (wish I could say the same for Keith). Keith came home to make him his first day of school breakfast. (Ryder wasn't happy about getting his picture taken so early in the morning...)

Here he is all dressed up and ready to go.

They're pretty cute eh? I can't believe he's 4 and in school. Its amazing how fast it flies. I am so proud of him and excited for this big day. And I'm excited that its only 2 days a week for a few hours because I'm not ready for him to be gone any more than that yet.

Labor day camping!!

We went camping over Labor day weekend up in Sandpoint with my family. I didn't really take any pictures of the campground or the beach, but I did get some good ones of the hike we took out to these waterfalls:
There were tons of what we think were spawning salmon. They were so bright and the boys loved them.
Here's my family on a cliff. It makes me nervous just looking at the picture. It was a very anxious time for me...
The Fuquas
The boys threw rocks into the water for about 20 minutes. we had to drag them away, they could have stayed all day. Don't worry, Keith and Adam threw rocks too, it wasn't just little boys
Keith trying really hard not to get wet!
Adam looking GQ:
The camping trip was really fun. It was our first real family camping trip. The boys had a blast playing in the woods and singing songs with grandma around the fire. We made some great food (banana boats were my favorite) and went to a really lame fish hatchery. The weather kinda took a bad turn on sunday so we ended up coming home early, but the fun didn't stop. We spent the night at grandma and grandpas and played all the next day. We went to the Kroc center and swam and then Ryan, Jenny, Keith and I went to Silverwood. It was a great weekend. :)


We went to the State Fair while we were in Boise, here's so pics so you can see the fun for yourself:

This is my "baked potato" ice cream. It was delish. We ate waaay too much that day.
Keith snuck on the kids rides, he fits right in.
Grandma and Grandpa Fuqua:
Chuck, Kelli, Ben and Sarah:
Jory and Isaac:
Jory, Isaac and some sheep (names unknown):
Sarah, Chuck, Isaac, Jory and a bunch of Bull.
Ryder and some hot chicks:
Keith, Ryder and emperor Kuzco:
This is what Ryder dreams about:
What a good looking group of boys. They're from Oklahoma, but they're no hicks:
My little eggplant (apparently this is the face an eggplant makes, i love it Ryder.):
Jory on the cob:
Yay for the fair!!