Thursday, March 3, 2011

Valentines Day :)

Well first of all, I made these couple V-day crafts a few weeks before so we could get in the mood. I was feeling the need to be crafty (it's been a while....) I copied someone else's craft blog, but I don't remember who so I can't reference. I'm not creative enough to think of these things on my own so I'm glad people share!

My wonderful boys (with the help of their daddy) got me some lovely flowers! Aren't they sweet??
Keith and I decided that we go on enough dates, we didn't feel the need to go out on the one night everyone else in town wants to go out too. So we had a nice dinner at home. We used our best plates, lit tons of candles, put fake rose petals on the table, and tried to teach the boys some manners! ha
Jory spent all day drawing me Valentines. Love him! We also had special food all day- pink heart chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, we decorated cupcakes, and make fluffy pink jello for dessert.
Here's the boys about to eat dinner! It turned out being so fun. I think we are going to make it our new tradition. It was fun to include the whole family instead of just celebrating as a couple. We felt really fancy too...
Here's what we ate...yum. Trust me, we make some great salmon.

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  1. So fun!!! You guys are the cutest, and your valendtine's day crafts are ADORABLE!! Wish we could be there to celebrate with you, and give your boys a couple of cute dates!! <3